Meet The Team

It’s Always For Family & Friends

As with any good home cooked meal, the best bet is to come hungry. Chorizo is the cousin restaurant for Downtown Asheville’s sensational latin food staple, Salsas. Nestled in the historic Grove Park Arcade, this gem brings the portions with the imaginative gastro uniqueness defined by its resident chef Hector Diaz.

It’s Always an Adventure

Whether you are coming for a soul food fix or to venture out into the tasty fringes, our team (our family) are excited to electrify your taste buds and enchant your friends and family.

Offering colorful and healthy Latin fare, Chorizo lovingly prepares its eccentric dishes with the freshest local ingredients, sourced from over 50 local farmers. Chef Hector’s Chorizo represents the evolution of Latin food on ‘restaurant row’ in downtown Asheville. In addition to its daily creative fare and colorful interior, Chorizo offers handcrafted mixers, juices and made from scratch specials.